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Next Dead or Alive 6 Reveal Coming on June 11th

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Koei Tecmo teases an upcoming reveal for Dead or Alive 6 on Monday, June 11th, even if what will be unveiled is still unknown.

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H1Z1On PS4 Is A Great Alternative To Fortnite

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Kotaku: Ive played some Fortnite matches alone and with friends, but the game never it clicks with me. I dont like building or dealing with expert builders. So I was excited to try out the previously PC only H1Z1, which recently started an open beta on PS4. While the basic setup of H1Z1 is similar to Fortnite, playing it feels very different. At times H1Z1 is much slower than Fortnite, and other times its faster and more chaotic. Unlike Fortnite, I cant stop playing H1Z1.

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EA: Battlefield V Minimum PC Specifications Were Incorrect

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Not long ago, immediately after the DICE reveal of 23 May, the requirements for the PC version of Battlefield V were released online. In these last hours, as confirmed by Electronic Arts, it has emerged that the specific ones are false.

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Former Battlefield Designer's Monster RPG Project Wight Shows Off Main Menu

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Former Battlefield designer David Goldfarb tweeted out the first character design from Project Wight, an upcoming title in development by his co-founded studio The Outsiders.

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E3 2018: Conference Schedule

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The times shown are for Pacific Time (-7 GMT). For times specific to your region, click the source link below. .:: Saturday, June 9 ::. Electronic Arts, 11 AM https://www.ea.com/eaplay2018 .:: Sunday, June 10 ::. Microsoft, 1 PM https://www.xbox.com/e3 Bethesda, 6:30 PM https://www.twitch.tv/bethesda .:: Monday, June 11 ::. Square Enix, 10 AM https://e3.square-enix-games.com/en-us/ Ubisoft, 1 PM https://www.twitch.tv/ubisoft PC Gaming Show, 3 PM https://www.twitch.tv/pcgamer Sony, 6 PM http://e3.playstation.com/ .:: Tuesday, June 12 ::. Nintendo, 9 AM https://e3.nintendo.com/

Hitman 2 Official PC Requirements Revealed on Steam

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Both minimum and recommended requirements demand 60 GB of space.

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This week's highs and lows in PC gaming

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Every week the PC Gamer editors punt exactly one hot take straight through the uprights.

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Best budget gaming PC: Build guide 2018

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Building on a budget? These are the parts you should use to build a powerful, affordable gaming PC.

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New Gundam Breaker delayed on PC

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It's coming to PC, which is good, but not for awhile.

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Indivisible is a hand-drawn combo of Metroidvania and turn-based RPG

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Indivisible is gorgeous.Lab Zero Games' project has hand-drawn art and animation that makes it look like a playable cartoon. But this pretty game is much more than eye candy. I played Indivisible, which is coming out in 2019 for Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, at a pre-E3 event that publisher 505 games hosted [...]

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