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Paladins comes to Switch on June 12 with Xbox One crossplay (not PS4)

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Hi-Rez Studios announced today that its team-based shooter Paladins is coming to the Nintendo Switch on June 12 via the $30 Founder's Pack. A free-to-play version will be available later in the summer. The Switch version of the game will have crossplay support with Xbox One but not with PlayStation 4, as is usual for these [...]

Pokemon Quest Sure is a Mobile Game on Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo finally showed off the first Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch, the first core Pokemon game for a home console, in the form of Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go Eevee. [...]

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Pokemon Let’s Go on Nintendo Switch Looks Like My Level of Pokemon

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Welp, it’s happening. Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch. After weeks of feverish speculation (and in retrospect extremely accurate leaks), Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company revealed Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu [...]

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Play These Nintendo Switch Indie Games Before Super Smash Bros.

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Lots of people like to say that the only games worth playing on Nintendo consoles are the same handful of big first-party titles. And while it’s true Nintendo Switch owners owe it to themselves [...]

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New Nintendo 2DS XL System Coming Exclusively to GameStop Stores

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Launching exclusively in GameStop stores, the special edition New Nintendo 2DS XL Hylian Shield Edition system resembles Links iconic Hylian Shield from The Legend of Zelda series, and comes pre-loaded with The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

Nintendo pre-order updates (5/27/18)

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Check out the large list of latest Nintendo items that can be pre-ordered at retailers in various regions.

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E3 2018 Predictions: Nintendo | Sick Critic

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Sick Critic takes a look at what games and franchises Nintendo will show off or announce at this year's E3 conference.

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Pokemon “Core Series RPGs” Announced for Nintendo Switch For Late 2019

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So more Pokemon will come!

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Nintendo Switch gets 3 new Pokémon games this year, but not Gen 8

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The Pokémon Company International announced that three major Pokémon games are coming for the Nintendo Switch during 2018. And these don't include another major Pokémon game coming in 2019. Two will feature a major tie-in with Pokémon Go, the runaway hit mobile game. And it's a big deal for Switch fans, who have been waiting for the sprawling transmedia franchise to [...]

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Cult Classic Killer7 Gets PC Port 13 Years Later

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In 2002, game publisher Capcom announced the Capcom Five, a set of games for Nintendo's GameCube system designed to repair the once-strong bond between the two companies. Among them was Resident Evil 4, [...]

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