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It Sure Doesn't Seem Like There's A Point To Microsoft Making Another Xbox

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Paul Tassi - "Phil Spencer told Variety. Its why we look at expanding the audience with Xbox Adaptive Controller, or how we make sure games can be multi-generational with projects like backward compatibility. I care less that people play Minecraft on an Xbox One, but that people can play Minecraft no matter what console or device they have in front of them. Wait, what? Thats describing the goal of any third party publisher, essentially, and if this is what Microsoft is concerned with, I dont really understand why theyre staying in the hardware game at all. If they want to just bring their series to as many platforms as possible, that can be achieved without hardware of your own.


Minecraft Marketplace creators can’t wait for the Switch version

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Minecraft Marketplace creators have seen a lot of success this year as more players get into the Bedrock version of the game, which is the universal build of Minecraft that is available on Windows 10, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and mobile devices. Minecraft Bedrock is coming to Switch on June 21, and this will give [...]

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The Minecraft Aquatic Update Will Be Last Major Update For Wii U Version

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The official Minecraft blog has stated that the long-awaited Aquatic update will be the last major update for legacy consoles including the Wii U. Minecraft for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, mobile and Windows 10 will continue to receive all the new enhancements to the popular game after the Aquatic update. The company also says […]

Minecraft boss is now in charge of all Xbox game efforts

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Microsoft has promoted Matt Booty, a leader in the Minecraft games business, as corporate vice president of Microsoft Studios, making him the top game executive reporting to his boss, Phil Spencer, executive vice president for games. The appointment fills a key post within the games group after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promoted Spencer to executive [...]

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December 2017’s top 10 Minecraft Marketplace creations: Blockception repeats at No. 1

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Minecraft is the best example of Microsoft's modern approach to gaming platforms. The publisher acquired the block-building phenomenon and developer Mojang in 2014 for $2.5 billion, and it has since shaped that investment into one of its most active live services. The growing Minecraft Marketplace is at the center of that. Each month here at GamesBeat, [...]

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Sony won't allow Minecraft cross-platform play on PlayStation consoles

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The company is worried about exposing children to "external influences."


Minecraft will get a 4K graphics pack this fall, plus complete cross-platform play

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Also coming: a community marketplace where players will be able to buy and sell custom creations.

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Meet the man who walked across America to visit his Minecraft friends

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Skyler Roberts is undertaking a 4,000 mile stroll to meet his online gaming pals in person.

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Microsoft on Minecraft and PlayStation 4: ‘We’d love to have’ PS4 join cross-play support

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Microsoft has spent the last couple of years talking about bringing Minecraft fans together no matter how they're playing, and now the publisher is finally getting ready to put that plan into action ... but without PlayStation 4. Minecraft's Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, and mobile versions are all coming together into one game [...]

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